This week’s addition to my Girl Gang of Inspiring Women is Jane Lowe, founder of online community The Yoga Connection. 

“The Yoga Connection is a hub for all aspects of yogi life; an opportunity to check in and check out what’s on offer – including health and wellness, delicious foodie talk, mindful beauty, and a host of all-round incredible humans making the world a better place.”

Definitely my kind of place, and Jane is my kind of lady! Inspired, inspiring, witty and a natural beauty minimalist, Jane shares her approach to business, life and yoga with us over tea (and our mutual appreciation for Rosehip oil…)

jane-low-yoga-connection-nzHas it been a straightforward journey getting to where you are in business today?

Nope. Definitely not a straightforward journey but an interesting one… I’d been freelancing (writing) for a few years and wanted to change things up but still incorporate writing into whatever I did. The idea of The Yoga Connection started off as a simple premise with my two loves, writing and yoga, and has grown from there. I thought I’d have plenty of opportunity to write on the Blog as I gathered all the yoga info from the community together. Not quite as I envisionaged with barely any time to write, but exciting!

Did you go to uni?

I did my Journalism Diploma first and then studied Art History and English Literature at Victoria Uni. Still not finished my degree though! I went travelling instead.

Describe your morning routine?

I get up super early most mornings to practice yoga so it’s a quick wash and go. Although I’ve just started putting rosehip oil on my face on Hot Yoga days so mult-tasking! (My gorgeous teachers gave me that advice.) I always start with a warm water and lemon drink too.

Describe a day in the life of you, are your days pretty routine or are they always changing?

I might think the week looks one way but it can change fairly quickly! I’m trying to be stricter about meetings and keep two days a week absolutely office-based or I’m just chasing my tail all week trying to keep on top of admin, emails, writing etc. Having said that as I’m writing this my week has completely changed and I now see I’m out and about every day which means laptop on knee late into the night. Not ideal but I do love meeting people!

What can’t you get through your day without?

Water, handcream, fruit, coffee and yoga. And dark chocolate!

Do you have a strict workout routine, or are you more casual?

I practice yoga most days and rarely do any other ‘workout’ any more. That sounds terrible! I do try and walk as much as I can and I used to run but not so much now. I guess I just really, really love yoga!

I don’t live in yoga gear all day though. Maybe I need more yoga pants.

What are your 5 must-have beauty items?jane-lowe-yoga-connection-nz-2

Do you know I’ve always wanted to be asked this! And now I’m having trouble narrowing it down to five…

  1. Trilogy Rosehip Oil (which I’ve used forever)
  2. Burts Bees lip balm
  3. Toothpaste + toothbrush (can they count as one?)
  4. Coola sunscreen
  5. Hair tie

Describe your skincare regime please?

After yoga is cleanse, Trilogy Rosehip Oil, eye cream, sunscreen, small amount of BB cream (does anyone, anywhere make a natural cover for brown skin? That doesn’t look ashy or grey. Please!!), mascara, eyebrow pencil (bit late to the game with this but life changer!) and lip balm. That’s it. (I can look more grown up if I have a grown up meeting.) And at night I double cleanse, once or twice a week I put a mask on (LOVE my Tailor masque) and I use a serum, eye cream and night cream from the Age-Proof Trilogy range because I’m really old and also because I was in their latest Age-Proof campaign. I alternately use this Waitrose Baby Bottom butter (on my face) that I get from Nosh. It’s really thick and sticky but genuis!

What is in your handbag right now?

Well, this is a little akward. I seem to have my neighbour’s mail that I’ve been carrying round for a few weeks. Plus my wallet, keys, lip balm, hand cream, phone, my daughter’s flat keys so I’m available at any second should she need me and hand sanitiser because I’m a little OTT with the hygiene.

Do you follow any kind of specific diet?

I’m plant-based although not strictly vegan. We eat well (although I seem to have accidently given up cooking since my daughter went flatting) so when I say we eat well, I mean we don’t have scurvy.

I don’t follow any diet or count or eliminate anything ever as I spent way too many years of my life being miserable and ashamed of simply eating. Then I had a daughter and made a decision that I didn’t want that in my life any more. It’s not that black and white but I’m fortunate that I found yoga and started getting older at the same time. Brilliant combination!

If you could give aspiring Girl Bosses one piece of advice, what would it be?

Be true to yourself, be kind and always say thank you.

Finish this sentence: When I was growing up, I wanted to be…

I used to say photo-journalist or doco maker but really I wanted to be a writer. I also wanted to be insanely famous, blond and a backup singer!

How can we keep up to date with you and your business?

Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram

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